Forever Drive

Forever Drive 1.07

An endless race against the clock


  • Easy to play
  • Build custom tracks
  • Great graphics


  • Some user tracks are horribly designed

Very good

Forever Drive is a racing game that uses player-created tracks to offer an endless race that can only be completed by running out of time.

Since Forever Drive is a racing game, the focus is on finishing each race. You can control the car by tilting the device or change the settings for on-screen controls. During the race, you gain points and can earn bonuses by cleanly racing past other cars and collecting stars.

The farther you race without crashing, the faster you are able to drive. Tracks in Forever Drive are player-created, so sometimes diving quickly will actually hurt you when you are racing. The ability to create tracks and submit them into the game is one of the best features because after racing in the game, you can try to create a track that is better than anything you have already raced.

Forever Drive’s track builder is easy to use, but new customizations have to be purchased in the game along with new cars and car accessories. The in-app store does not come across as a necessity like other apps and actually creates a fun challenge to earn enough coins to unlock new cars and track accessories.

Graphics in Forever Drive take a neon and futuristic approach. The colors in Forever Drive pop and are fun to look at as you speed through each level. Surprisingly, there is a lot of fine detail in the tracks that is not included on the race track itself, but the environment.

Forever Drive is a great racing game that only grows with each new player-created track.

Forever Drive


Forever Drive 1.07

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